In today’s corporate world, the pace of change is unprecedented. One month, two months, three months or more can matter significantly. As a result, the way in which organizations adapt to that speed and the way in which they fundamentally decide they will play in that new arena does define whether or not they want to be successful. This dynamic landscape requires organizational leaders to put equal emphasis on the health elements of making change happen as they do the performance elements.

Change is an unavoidable aspect of organisation today. Historically, organisations avoided making major changes to their operations, yet with the rise of globalization, companies have needed to evolve in order to compete on a global scale. For organisations to navigate through todays volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous landscape there is needed to optimise transition processes.

Our change management practice helps organisations simplify the redirection of resources, budgets and other aspects of operations and help make the reshaping of an organization a smooth process for all teams and individuals that are involved. To navigate this process, we tailor our approaches to five thematic areas:

  • Helping organisations gain strategic clarity on where they want to go
  • Preparing organisation for change
  • Crafting a comprehensive plan for change
  • Developing tools, frameworks and processes for managing the journey
  • Enhancing organisational capabilities for continuous improvement to achieve the desired change


Mulshid Eleas Muwonge, Jr.
Chairman and Managing Partner
Michael Owen Bamulangeyo
Cori Arudi Laura
Associate Consultant