We have distinctive knowledge , tools and expertise to help large organizations design and implement major change programs in a context where business outcomes depend on people shifting their day-to-day behaviors and thinking to value.

The ability to drive transformational change — such as going from decent to high performance, cutting costs, or turning a crisis around — is a crucial source of competitive advantage. Yet, despite the 25,000 books published on the topic, one in three programs for change has failed. We collaborate with clients in the social sector to conquer these odds.

Our deep knowledge and systematic methodology help clients shape effective transformation initiatives and develop a culture of quality improvement. Specifically, we are working closely with clients to:

  • Strengthening organizational health: helping clients achieve excellence by handling efficiency and organizational health with equal rigor. “Health” can be described as the ability of an entity to align, execute and renew itself faster than the competition.
  • Form and deliver transformational change: We help clients develop and implement far-reaching change efforts through up-to-date, best-in-class models and frameworks. This approach helps leaders shape a vision of change and set goals that are closely related to business outcomes; diagnoses the ability of the company to achieve those goals; and produces development strategies that enhance efficiency, build capacity, and transform organizational thinking and actions.
  • Shift behaviour to shape organizational culture: Achieving sustainable change in performance and wellbeing needs organizations to step beyond structures, processes and frameworks to resolve personal and collective behavior — including culture, mindsets and skills, and team and community dynamics. As a core aspect of achieving transformational change, we collaborate with stakeholders to plan and execute skills-building interventions, changing minds, cultivating leaders and managing talent to achieve effective and lasting behavioural change.
  • Help leaders become models for change: Senior leaders have a unique role to play in transformational change: they need to offer direction on what really matters for others in the company to adopt. We help leaders make transformation personal, model progress, involve others freely, and highlight achievements. We’re also helping develop dedication and alignment within the senior team.
Mulshid Eleas Muwonge, Jr.
Chairman and Managing Partner
Michael Owen Bamulangeyo
Cori Arudi Laura
Associate Consultant