We help organisations to build their brands by identifying granular growth opportunities and to improve their performance through innovation in products, services, processes, and business models.

  • Growth

Growth is vital for funding new investments, attracting great talent, and acquiring assets. It is also a critical driver of overall company performance. We help our clients develop a more detailed perspective on trends, future growth rates, and market structures. By looking across all the possible directions of growth—growing the core, expanding geographically, diversifying into adjacencies, and taking opportunities that arise from value-chain disruptions and integrations—we help organisations choose where to compete, and we support them as they execute their growth strategies.

  • Innovation

Innovation is critical to growth, particularly as the speed of business cycles continues to increase. Most organisations understand the importance of innovation but fall short when it comes to execution. We define innovation as creativity plus delivery, helping our clients transform their innovation performance by focusing on four requirements for innovating at scale: strategy, pipeline of ideas, execution, and organization.

  • Strategy for growth and innovation

We support clients as they develop a clear innovation strategy that meets their business-growth targets and strategic objectives. We do this by helping clients understand the gap between actual and aspirational performance that innovation needs to fill, then set financial targets related to innovation, the metrics required to measure performance, and the strategic areas on which to focus investments.

  • A strong pipeline of profitable innovation

Innovation depends in part on a company’s ability to get better, more profitable ideas into its pipeline. We help clients identify the areas of their business that are ripe for innovation and mine those areas for ideas. We then support them in rapid prototyping and business-case development to build those ideas quickly into profitable businesses. We also help clients reap the benefits of “open innovation,” positioning them to look beyond their own boundaries to gain access to ideas, knowledge, and technology that add to the value of their own resources.

  • Smart, fast, and consistent execution

We have a variety of exclusive approaches for helping clients get higher returns from their investments in research through better execution. Using proprietary benchmarks along with in-depth diagnostic tools and capability-building methodologies, we support clients in improving and sustaining the productivity of their R&D functions. We also help clients build the types of repeatable, error-free, scalable processes that are necessary for both incremental and breakthrough innovation.

  • A capable, mobilized organization

To create an environment that promotes innovation, we help clients motivate talent by organizing people in the right roles and then arming them with the tools to be successful. We help clients design an organizational structure to execute their specific R&D strategy, addressing issues such as talent management and development, culture change, global collaboration, performance management, external collaboration models, and the role of R&D leadership.

Mulshid Eleas Muwonge, Jr.
Chairman and Managing Partner
Michael Owen Bamulangeyo