Transformations that unlock the full potential of operations, sustained by building institutional capabilities and adding agility.

  • Cross-operations diagnostic

Assess the current operations system (including processes, digital and analytics, management practices, mindset and behaviors, and capabilities), and size the full improvement potential.

  • Future state design and road mapping

Design a coherent vision of the operations system and step-change aspiration, the implementation road map, and a change management strategy.

  • Initial idea generation

Design initiatives to realize vision across dimensions and achieve aspiration. Launch identified quick wins.

  • Employee-led implementation

Shepherd an employee-led implementation tailored to the current context. Engage all levels of the organization, from the change agent team to the executive council, in execution to create ownership.

  • Change and sustainability engine

Deploy across the enterprise a full capability-building strategy that spans functional capabilities and transformation skills. Develop the change management process to achieve engagement and change mindset and behaviors. Set up the implementation management process and tools to ensure focus on execution and fast resolution of roadblocks.

  • Corporate process upgrades

Adapt specific corporate processes to support an integrated operations agenda. Ensure the corporate business functions, from business strategy to human resources to digital and analytics, are operationally focused.

Michael Owen Bamulangeyo
Mulshid Eleas Muwonge, Jr.
Chairman and Managing Partner
Reshoketswe Mapokgole
Senior Consultant