Reshoketswe Mapokgole

Senior Consultant

Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging

Professional Bio

To be a powerful woman means to have the possibility, the right and the responsibility to make the choices that better oneself and better one’s community. Power is making a consious effort in both your private and public spaces to tear down the walls of discrespect, discrimination and disenfranchisement wherever you meet it. Using your influence to create impact and better the lives of others – that is what a powerful woman means to me. Graça Machel, Minister for Education and Culture of Mozambique


Shoki holds a Bachelor’s Degree from Trinity College (Hartford, CT) in International Studies with a focus on Africa and a minor in Philosophy. She is an awardee of the prestigious Master of Philosophy in Human Rights Law from the University of Pretoria, South Africa.

In her words: 

I am a feminist educator whose work is deeply influenced by bell hooks teaching pedagogy. In my work I develop curricula, teach and create programs directly aimed at Africans.  Aware that white supremacy has distorted not only how we interact with the world but how we see ourselves.

I create learning spaces and programs that affirm our diverse humanities, that make us feel empowered to read our worlds and to challenge the institutions which oppress us. I taught African Studies at the African Leadership Academy; where I also added to the development of the school’s African Studies curriculum, developed and taught the schools first Africana Philosophy.


  • Master of Philosophy (MPhil) – Human Rights and Democratisation in Africa, University of Pretoria, South Africa
  • Bachelor of Arts (Hons) – International Studies and Philosophy,
    Connecticut , United States of America

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